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British Canoeing – Stand Up Paddle Boarding Discipline Support Module (BC DSM in SUP!)

This is a 6-hour course aimed at giving a basic understanding of the particulars of SUPing. It focuses on providing a background knowledge of SUP, the equipment, organizations, the various disciplines etc

You won’t learn how to be a SUP coach or how to run SUP sessions. Bear in mind this is only a 6 hours course with no prerequisites.

Where this becomes really useful is when its combined with other qualifications, partially British Canoeing ones. If you had a BC Leading or Coaching qualifications then the SUP DSM is a really good add-on if you want to start leading or coaching SUP.

As an example, if you had your Paddle Sports Instructor and the SUP DSM, and a site-specific sign off from your employers you could assist (or maybe lead) paddle boarding sessions in sheltered water.

You can find a list of course HERE

In summary its a good, quick, economical option especially if you have BC qualifications. This won’t, however, turn you into a SUP guru and it’s not really a qualification in its own right.