We are still refining content, getting lots of feedback before going live

Thing is, no site is complete without epic photos.

Trouble is, photos are HARD to get on-demand.

Good thing is, plenty of people have good photos picking up digital dust.

Problem is, we need to find them.

We need photos of the following activities: All paddle sports, climbing, mountaineering, bushcraft, archery, life-saving, mountain biking and first aid.

What sort of photos:

  • At least 2000px wide
  • Vivid colors. No blurriness
  • At least look like it could be in the UK, potentially
  • Smiley faces. ‘I am learning so much‘ faces are good
  • Scenery and landscapes will also rock the site
  • People being coached or coaching – these are TOUGH to find!
  • Generally, if you look at the photo a go ‘oh niiiiice’ like a Canadian then its perfect

What will I get?

  • Send them in low res or with ‘don’t steal my photo’ watermarked on it
  • If we think we can use them we’ll make you an offer
  • Only send a minimum of 10 photos (it’s way too much faff otherwise)
  • We’ll pay some cash or you may choose a dose of marketing services

Email your photos to