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Becoming a MIAS Mountain Bike Instructor

  • MBL Level 1 – Allows you to lead groups on non-techincal terrain. There is also an assistant option.
  • MBL Level 2 – Allows you to lead groups on technical terrain.
  • MBL Level 3 – Allows you to lead on mountainous terrain if you have Mountain Leader (ML) or similar.

You may want to read our guide to mountain bike qualifications for opinions and thoughts on the awards.


  • Level 1 & 2 are normally run together over 2 days and your assessor can decide if you are up to a Level 2 standard or if Level 1 is more appropriate.
  • You need 8-hour first aid for Level 1 and 16 hours for Level 2 & 3
  • There are also tutoring & RAF’s qualifications but we’ll cover them at a later date
  • If you are a keen mountain biker and have lots of off-road experience over the last 12 months then you’re best to go straight for Level 2.

Mountain Bike Leader Level 2


  • Lead groups in the open country
  • No more than 30 minutes cycle away from where an ambulance can get to
  • Up to red routes at a trail center
  • Ratios are 1:10 with an assistant
  • Less than 600m of altitude in the UK
  • Outside of the UK it allows you to operate above 600m on well-defined routes
  • AALS may require additional qualification to operate (for example Basic Expedition Leader)

Getting it

Step 1 – Have at least 12 months experience of off-road mountain biking and an interest in the outdoors.

Step 2 – You’ll want to find a 2-day course that covers Level 1 & 2 and includes an assessment. There is a list of courses HERE. You will register with MIAS through your provider. Check to see if this is included in the cost. Assuming you have the right experience your logbook will be completed during the weekend.

If you don’t have so much mountain biking experience then you might want to consider doing a 2-day training course that does not include an assessment. You’ll then have a consolidation period where you can put into practice what you learned in training and go for assessment when you are ready. Bear in mind that this is more expensive.


2-day training & assessment costs between £216 to £245 including MIAS registration

Mountain Bike Leader Level 3


  • Lead groups in challenging wild country terrain above 600 meters and in remote locations.
  • AALA’s will require you to have Mountain Leader (ML) to validate this remit. NB ML is a significant qualification to get!
  • The normal ratio is 1:6
  • Red / black routes at a trail centre


  • MIAS Level 2
  • Lots of experience
  • You’ll probably need Mountain Leader Award or similar for AALS to recognise it.

Getting it

Find and book onto a 2-day course -there are not many running in the UK