We are still refining content, getting lots of feedback before going live


While building this website we are offering marketing service in exchange for content curation in particular fields.

Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation – What the hell is it and how do we make it work for you!
  • Facebook Advertising – How to generate bookings efficiently from Facebook’s Ad platform.
  • Email Marketing – Does it really work for you? How can we make it better?


  • How should you build a site and how much should you pay?
  • How can you take bookings online effectively?
  • Is my marketing guy talking rubbish?
  • What’s Google Analytics? How do I make sense out of it?

Written Content

  • Why blog? How to blog? What’s is for?

Video Content

  • How do I make good video content without selling my house?
  • How do I make the best use of it?

New Experience Development

  • How do you create a new outdoor experience from scratch?
  • How do I know people will want it?


  • How do I get people to book my awesome kayaking sessions?

Growth Strategy

  • It what direction do I grow my business?

Social Media

  • I’ve left this until last for a reason. What, Why, How

How does it work

Step 1 – We’ll agree on how many hours you get based on the number of photos you’ve given or content you have created etc

Step 2 – I’ll let you rant about all the thing that piss you off about marketing wizardry.

Step 3 – Once vented I’ll get to understand the challenges you are facing and we’ll decide what we need to work on

Step 3 – We set up Skype call to get cracking