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Overview of Lifesaving Qualifications

There are several main providers of lifesaving qualifications in the UK

Other organisations to be aware of:

Lifesaving qualifications progress in term of the severity of conditions, skills & experience required from pool, open water, beach to surf.

Things to consider when choosing a qualification:

  • Lifesaving awards can include 16-hour first-aid which is needed for lots of other qualifications so for not much extra time/ money you can turn a first-aid into a lifeguarding award.
  • Lifesaving qualifications understandably need more regular revalidations than other awards.
  • Consider joining a Lifesaving clubs to get experience. SLSGB has a list HERE

Royal Life Saving Society Qualifications (RLSS) – HERE


Surf Lifesaving GB Qualifications (SLGB) – HERE

What qualification needs what lifesaving award

Below is a list of what other awarding bodies recognise which Lifesaving qualifications. We are still adding to it!

Coasteering – NVBLQ is often a prerequisite but bare in mind coasteering training varies lots with providers.

Surfing – Surf Coach Safety & Rescue is a prerequisite for International Surf Association Level 1 Instructor course

Paddle Boarding – ASI recognise Lifesaving qualification in their paddle boarding qualifications