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There are many options for becoming canoe or kayak coach. This page is designed to give you an understanding of  the coaching landscape.

Paddle Sports Instructor Award

Bear in mind that there is the paddle Sports Instructor Award which is often achieved before moving on to the Coach Awards. It’s technically an Assitant Coach award and allows you to work at lots of activity centers in the UK. It’s a great place to start with becoming a canoe & kayak instructor

If you already have a solid amount of experience you may want to go straight to Core Coach Training

The Guide to the Coach Award and all the options

Coaching Awards OverviewCoaching Awards Overview PDF Download –Why not stick it up at your center?

To help you navigate the about chart:

  1. 2 days of Core Coach Training to understand the fundamentals – you only need to do it once.
  2. The quickest way to become a coach is the go for the Sheltered Water Coach route.
  3. If you already had a solid amount of experience in a particular discipline then you may want to go for a discipline-specific route.
  4. Bare in mind if you have lots of experience in a particular discipline then you might be able to get Accredited Prior Learning (APL) to bypass some of the steps to get Moderate or Advanced Water Endorsement.
  5. Any more…