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NCFE Bushcraft Qualifications

NCFE is a national awarding organisation which ratifies over 500 qualifications and ensures a high standard of delivery.

Some bushcraft companies have are NCFE IIQ Acreddited. This means that their delivery as an organisation meets the NCFE standards. They then create their own syllabus & courses and get them approved by NCFE to be a particular level against the national system. So if you see a ‘Level 1/2/3 etc NCFE Bushcraft course its equivalent to the following:

  • Level 1 is equivalent to GCSE (grade D to G).
  • Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE
  • Level 3 is equivalent to A- Level
  • Level 4 is equivalent to at HNC (start if a degree)

From your point of you, any course that has the NCFE stamp of approval adds weight to your qualifications but it also means who you do it with is important as the content of courses can vary. An employer is unlikely to be familiar with the specific course you have done.

Each bushcraft training organisation has had significant agency over the creation of the course meaning they’re likely to be really good at it. It just means you need to find a course that really suits what you are looking for

Here are a few organisations that are NCFE IQQ approved:

Have a browse and try and find the right course for you.

You may want to see our Overview guide to bushcraft training or the guide to IOL Bushcraft qualifications.

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