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IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate (BCC) Training

This is a 3-day training course which is of value in its own right (IR without going for the assessment) You may then consider completing the Bushcraft Competency Certificate logbook before attending a Bushcraft Competency Certificate Assessment.

The training course is forInstructors, leaders and teachers who want to demonstrate that they have a basic level of safe and competent bushcraft skills and are following recommended good practice’

You should familiarise yourself with the syllabus (NB this was written in 2015)


  • You don’t need to be able to light a fire without matches but you are expected to have some experience of being in the woods before attending a course

Getting it

  • There is a directory of courses on the IOL website
  • The courses are delivered through Organisational Members of IOL that have been accredited to run courses


The fees for the 3 days vary from £275 and £320

You can find more info on the IOL site

IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate (BCC) Assessment


The 1-day assessment covers:

  • Safe shelter construction
  • Safe use of tools and knife law, Establishing and maintaining fires by; bow drill, firesteel, flint and steel and other methods.
  • Leaving no trace
  • Water sourcing, filtering and purification
  • Tree ID & uses
  • Natural navigation
  • Cordage making from natural materials


  • You either need the BCC Training course OR be at the same standard
  • You must have completed a BCC log book which should demonstrate 120 quality hours of delivery


About £165

The following organisations have been approved to run the BCC: